This Dog’s Little Happiness Is His Fence Window

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This is Harry, a dog that needs so little for happiness Fence Window.

He has recently discovered his new hobby – looking out of his custom-made window and watching the world pass by.

Harry has always loved hanging out in his family’s fenced-in backyard, but it did not allow much visual access. Once, the pickets of the fence made it almost impossible to see through them. That was until one day a massive windstorm knocked over the fence and Harry’s family decided to put up the new one in a slightly different way. The Mcleish family renovated the fence with a new design that allowed little Harry to look out of the gaps between the pickets. The simple difference in the fence design made Harry’s life so much better. Picking through the narrow slits suddenly became his favorite thing to do, besides playing with his family.


Alex Mcleish got a brilliant idea of making a little window for Harry through the fence. He says that he jokingly suggested that to his father and on the next day he found him actually building it for their dog.

Harry was overly excited. It was like he knew that the window was for him. He was sitting right next to Mr. Mcleish the whole time waiting for him to finish building it. And it was clearly worth the wait.

Ever since the window has been installed, Harry has been glued to that spot. Alex says that the dog can sit there watching out of the window for the whole day long, he would only come up to them when they call for him.

Mr Mcleish says that it definitely makes him and his family smile seeing their dog watching the world go by. They could have never thought that a window would make so much difference for their dog.

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