The woman has been protected from her abused partner by her loyal dog

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The woman spread awareness against domestic violence after his dog’s protection

We consider dogs to be “man’s best friend,” it’s for a good reason. It’s no secret that our canine friends love us and that they’d do anything for us to protect us. One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, knows exactly what it’s like to have a dog. A victim of domestic abuse, her dog Hank saved her life on several occasions. Apparently, dogs can’t stand domestic violence either and want to put an end to it as much as we do.

The woman shared her terrifying account in order to spread awareness against domestic violence. She even claimed that she probably wouldn’t be alive if it hadn’t been for Hank, her Great Dane, who shielded her from her partner’s blows when he became violent. The minute Hank heard her partner raise his voice, he ran immediately to his owner’s side. The partner obviously was never happy about this. One day, he became so angry that he picked Hank up and threw him out a window. Poor Hank suffered a fractured pelvis and broken bones, including some ribs. When the woman ran towards Hank, the man threatened to shoot and kill her dog. Although she didn’t want to risk ending Hank’s life – or her own for that matter – she knew she had to get him to a hospital.

Risking it all, she quickly grabbed Hank, ran to her car, and drove to the police station. Once there, she told them what happened and, within minutes, they were on their way to arrest the man. Hank and his owner were placed in a witness protection program and they now reside in a woman’s shelter that cares and provides services for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Although dogs are usually not permitted to be inside the premises, the shelter has made an exception for Hank. When the director of the shelter heard about Hank and the owner’s story, he didn’t have the heart to separate him. They even awarded Hank for his bravery!

It’s a story that exemplifies just how far a dog will go to protect his owner when he or she is in danger. This particular owner will for sure be forever grateful to Hank. Way to go, Hank!

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