The turkey is now in comfort thanks to compassionate people

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 The turkey has been suffering from his wounds, however kind volunteers helped him

After falling from a truck, Ivan the turkey waited, injured, by the side of a highway. And finally he received the help. A kind citizen picked Ivan up and delivered him not to the slaughterhouse. When he reached the sanctuary, he was in a horrible condition. He had a broken and infected wing as well as a fractured beak. The Poplar Spring staff took Ivan to an animal hospital where doctors treated his wounds. They wired his jaw and amputated his wing, as it was impossible to save.

Poplar Spring said that Ivan seemed to feel much better after his visit to the hospital. They quickly accepted him onto the 400-acre sanctuary with their 200 other rescues. One turkey, Madison, quickly welcomed Ivan.

At Poplar Spring, Ivan joined other farm animals living the good life. These animals were abused and neglected. However, now they enjoy their life. Terry Cummings and Dave Hoeraf provide them everything they need.

They realized their new animal friends were in danger of becoming their next meal. So they adopted a vegan diet. Instead of beef cattle, they used that area as a home for the animals they saved.

Today the refuge and its volunteers, through support from donations, aim to care for the animals. An honorable goal indeed!

However, any farm animals still live in harmful conditions. Surveys find that 94 percent of Americans want to show love towards farm animals.

Poplar Spring is just one of the refuges around the country. They work to make sure that farm animals live comfortable lives. But they need a lot more support from other people.

Organizations supporting farm animals receive only 0.8 percent of donations to animal charities. Donations mostly go to organizations supporting domesticated animals. Poplar Springs is on a mission to change that. Now that Ivan has healed, the friendly rescue turkey acts as a public ambassador on tours of the sanctuary.

Poplar Springs sets a great example for support of farm animals. Other sanctuaries across the nation provide similar aid. Visiting and donating to local farm animal rescues is a great way to make sure that stories like this one continue to brighten our lives.

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