The Transformation Of The Stray Dog

The Transformation Of Stray Dog Dog Breeds

The Transformation Of The Stray Dog

Prue, one of the staff members of the shelter Mission Paws’ible, noticed Casper on the side of the road. She tells that the moment she saw him, her heart dropped. The dog completely lacked any hair. He was so skinny he looked like a skeleton. And, on top of that, he had a lot of scratches and wounds. It is hard to imagine in what conditions the dog needed to survive. Prue approached him. Luckily, the dog seemed to know that the woman was there to help, and gave her all his trust. Casper was eager to hop into Prue’s car eleventh, and Prue took him to the shelter without any trouble. Transformation Stray Dog

The shelter staff took good care of him,Stray Dog

In the shelter, Casper met Julie, who was going to take care of him most of the time. Julie was in charge of feeding him, dressing him up in pajamas and socks, as he did not have any fur, and doing some pieces of training with him, to strengthen his muscles. Julie always mentions that Casper is a very easy dog to take care of. Some people say that animals know when you want to help them, and this was the case with Casper. He was so calm and friendly, and always did whatever Julie asked him to.

Julie was surprised to know that Casper had no idea how to play. You can hardly meet any Stray Dog who you need to teach to play fetch all from scratch. But Casper loved it a lot. Because he needed to wear socks all the time, playing was a bit uncomfortable. If he played inside, they made him slip all the time. But that did not affect his joy for playing.

Finally, Casper gained some weight, and his fur grew back. His wounds also healed. Now, he looked like a totally different Stray Dog. Casper is ready to move to his forever family.

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