The story of Rocco who had a bad family and was abandoned

The story of Rocco who had a bad family Animal World

The story is about Rocco: his family left him as they were going to have a baby

When we decide to adopt a dog, we must understand the implications of this beautiful choice. A dog is not a toy or something that we can get rid of because it no longer pleases us. A dog is man’s best friend. They look to their owner and their family members as a pack that it will never abandon. He is a faithful animal that shows extreme loyalty from the first moment it sets foot in the house. This is why we should consider a dog as an effective member of the family and not as entertainment or a diversion that we can dispose of at the first sign of difficulty.

The story is about a kind dog. Unfortunately, a German shepherd dog, Rocco, was not lucky enough to have a right family. In fact, his owners abandoned him the moment they discovered they were expecting a baby.

Suddenly, Rocco, a young 3-year-old male German shepherd, found himself alone, sad, and abandoned, at an animal shelter. His family had abandoned him. Rocco, trembling like a leaf, frightened and stressed by all the noises and surrounded by strangers in the shelter, could not explain the reason for such abandonment. Fortunately, a woman visiting the shelter, at the sight of the poor dog, wasted no time and immediately published an online video of the poor defenseless creature, in the story hope that someone would help him.

Fortunately, relief was not long in coming! In fact, Preethi Pillaipakkam, a DFW German Shepherd Rescue volunteer, immediately took Rocco home with her. “A shelter can be very stressful, it is not a suitable place for dogs like Rocco,” said Preethi. “He didn’t want to get in the car, he was very shy. He even hid behind the back seat and seemed very stressed.”

At home with Preethi, Rocco continued to feel very confused. However, thanks to the presence of another German shepherd, very slowly, he managed to settle in and even begin to play. A big step forward for him!

The story woman who saved him has created an Instagram page entirely dedicated to Rocco.

Thanks also to the online exposure, the requests for adoption for this wonderful dog were numerous and in a short time, a foster family was found that could take care of him.

His new family is all that Rocco could have wished for! Now, he is surrounded by their affection and he also plays happily with their other dog, feeling himself to be 100% an integral part of a real family. So, we hope the story touched your heart.

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