The Story Of A Disabled Bunny

The Story Of A Disabled Bunny Animal World

She probably has no idea that she is any different.Disabled Bunny

Robin has always wanted to adopt a bunny. In one of the numerous shelters she visited, a little, disabled bunny with the name Orlagh caught her attention. She had never thought about adopting a special needs animal. But she knew that this was the bunny she was going to take home with her.

Someone had found Orlagh in a box and brought her to the shelter. She has spent there long enough before meeting Robin, but the love and comfort that Robin gives to her, was definitely worth the wait.

Orlagh has splayed legs, which is a result of a bad breeding. Despite that fact, Orlagh is very playful and energetic. She probably has no idea that she is any different. Orlagh is very friendly, especially with children. She loves playing with Robin’s kids and all the other animals at their house. Orlagh has never had a bad day, She is always full of happiness and positivity.

The Story Of A Disabled Bunny
The Story Of A Disabled Bunny

She knows what she likes and what she wants, and she always lets Robin know about it. Even if she does not realize it, she is very dependent on Robin. Since her movements are limited, Robin has to assist her in even minor everyday activities. Robin takes her to the vet every two or three times a week and the last time they saw the doctor, he could not be happier with Orlagh’s progress.

Even though Robin has had animals her whole life, she says that she has never felt a bond with any of them as strong as it is with Orlagh. She is thankful for the amount of love and joy that the bunny brings to her family. She is one of the most incredible gifts Robin has ever gotten in her entire life, and she loves her more than anything.

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