The Scared Dog Learns To Trust People Again

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For instance, when training a scared dog not to be afraid.

Griff is a rescue scared dog. He had been in a terrible condition at the time when Angela found him. He was afraid of everything and everyone, not letting anyone approach him. The dog also had a severe skin infection which caused him lose almost all of his fur.

The first time Angela took him to a clinic, the vet was not even able to make the dog come out of his cage. He could not stop shaking and he was flinching every time anyone tried to touch him. It was clear that the dog had never been handled at all. It almost felt like Griff was a wild animal.

According to Angela, the first few night with Griff had been very stressful for both of them. She would usually sit right next to his crate with the door open, keeping him company. Only after several long days, Griff made his mind to leave the crate and go explore the house. That day he surprised Angela with both his courage and curiosity.

While telling Griff’s story, Angela mentioned that there had been a few milestones with him that she had held onto in the beginning. Even the slightest progress in his behavior was giving her hope. When she got him to eat out of her hand, or the first time when she was able to get a leash on him and take him out for a walk. At first, Griff did not like it much. He was just in his flight mode, but after some time and enough walks, he really started to enjoy being outside. Now, laying under the sun in Angela’s backyard has became Griff’s favorite thing to do.

Angela says that being able to gain his trust has been the best thing they have achieved together.

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