The reasons why you should never kill any spiders

The reasons why you Animal World

The reasons of avoiding to kill spiders wherever you see them

Unfortunately, the fear of spiders, like that of snakes, is one of the most common phobias. Even today, there are many people who, see a spider, run to get a newspaper to get rid of it. And they want to do that in the most drastic way. Yet those same people would probably change their minds if they knew that their behavior might even be counterproductive. In fact, spiders act to balance the amount of insects present in a given environment. Here are the reasons why you should never kill any spiders.

Arachnids have always aroused unpleasant sensations such as disgust or even real fear. It is no coincidence that the term “arachnophobia” means precisely the more or less irrational fear of these creatures, which can even trigger panic attacks.

There are those who fear them because they associate them with harmful or poisonous insects, others have only instinctive repulsion. Yet there is more than one reason why we should avoid killing them. Beyond myths and rumors, spiders represent a precious element in the domestic ecosystem.

Each habitat has its own equilibrium, and its eight-legged residents help to maintain it. Spiders are natural predators, they feed on parasites such as flies and mosquitoes, or even other spiders. This function is very useful for keeping the environment “healthy” reasons.

Almost all species of arachnids are poisonous. However, their real ability to cause harm has its limits. Episodes in which an encounter with a human being turns into a danger are quite rare.

However, if the fear is stronger than any rational explanation, a middle ground can still be found. The next time you find a spider in your house, instead of stepping on it, you can “catch” it and set it free somewhere else.

If you manage to live with it, you may have an excellent ally on your side. They are a great guard against irritating insects. You can rely, in a certain sense, on “your friendly household spider”.

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