The Pitbull has never stopped smiling since his adoption

The Truth about the Pitbull Terrier Dog Breeds

The Pitbull smiles and makes everyone feel happy

Often to indicate the almost human behaviors of our four-legged friends the classic expression “he just lacks speech” is used. Well these sweet, loyal, empathic Pitbull don’t really need it, because they are able to communicate with their owners in an equally effective and profound way.

In addition to what they are capable of doing and understanding, they have a look that says it all. Some species, primates for example, even manage to go further.

Meatball is one example. He is a sweet and friendly pit bull who has now become a star on the internet, followed by over 40 thousand people on Instagram. What makes him so special is the expression on his face, sorry, his muzzle.

In fact “Meaty” always has a wonderful smile which never leaves him. The puppy was actually not always so cheerful, quite the contrary. His life was rather dull and sad when he was a guest of an animal shelter called Fresno Bully in California.

One day, a woman named Lisa Reilly caught his eye and fell in love with him. He reminded her a lot of her old dog, who had passed away a few months earlier. Lisa decided to take him home, where she also had other dogs.

From that moment on, Meaty began to live life with a big smile from ear to ear. It didn’t take long for his pictures to go viral on the net. His owner meticulously documents all his news, which is then shared by many viewers.

The many pictures which show Meatball in funny poses have transformed him into the sensation of the moment. Looking at the joy and gratitude painted on Meatball’s face, everyone hopes that he has a long and happy life, and that he never loses his very human smile.


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