The judge has extraordinary sentences for animal abusers

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The judge sentences those who commit animal abuse to undergo the same treatment

Nowadays there are still people who have remained attached to practices that are harmful to those around them. It is about those people who, for no specific reason, continue to commit all kinds of animal abuse. Although it is well-known that people have to treat animals with love and respect. A judge in Ohio had become very frustrated with the usual sentencing for this crime. In his experience these methods did not give the best results when it came to stopping animal abuse. And since Judge Cicconetti certainly did not forgive any type of animal abuse. He created some exemplary punishments just a little out of the ordinary.

Judge Cicconetti has always had a rather particular way of dealing with animal abuse cases. And he has been known to issue rather “creative” sentences, in order to give real-life lessons to the criminals.

Operating along the lines of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, Mike Cicconetti wanted to make the culprit feel a little of the same pain felt by the animal. It is an alternative to the classic penalties such as fines.

Obviously, the judge never issued illegal sentence. However, he certainly reversed the rules of the game with his exemplary punishments. For example, he once found a woman who abandoned 35 kittens in the woods. So he ordered the woman to spend an entire night alone in those same woods.

The judge adopted the same approach with a woman who never washed her dog and took absolutely no care of the animal! As a matter of fact, Judge Cicconetti ordered her to spend eight hours in a filthy garbage dump. Most online users have sided with the Ohio judge. While, others are still shocked by the “creativity” of his sentences.

Obviously, Judge Cicconetti did not always deal only with animal abuse cases. Also, in other cases, he gave vent to his creativity in terms of sentences.

According to the judge, prison in certain cases is not the most effective solution. So, with his own experience, by using his method the guilty are much less inclined to commit the same crime again!

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