The dog that shows the motorist how to be polite

Stuart and the dog handler Amy have smashed it with this Dog Breeds

The dog was so polite that became an example to many

What if even a dog could remind us of how much we should respect our planet? On the one hand, it wouldn’t be all that strange, since dogs are simply other living beings on Earth. Human intervention on Earth, over the last decades, has had a negative impact on the habitats of animals and plants.

Today, we face a real race against time to be able to save our planet and reverse those processes that have been in motion. But why, however, does man continue to pollute without remorse? This is demonstrated in the video by one of the motorists throwing a piece of paper out of the window. He doesn’t yet know that this time, it will be a dog that will make him pay.

It seems that animals can teach us some important life lessons. A video that has now gone viral on TikTok, shows a motorist throwing a piece of paper to the ground. An uncivilized gesture, which shows how, after all these years spent talking about ecology and recycling, little has changed in the minds of some people.

But do not worry, – there was a big dog who was prowling around there to set things to right. The dog sees the paper roll on the ground, clearly coming from the window of that parked car. He picks up the paper with his teeth and throws it back into the car, through the window.

The member @woowpets shared the video on TikTok, and immediately received many views and comments. This video still manages to make us reflect on our responsibilities towards our planet and its degradation. Whether the dog is aware of it or not doesn’t matter – but did we need him to take responsibility and act accordingly?

There are those who jokingly commented that motorists should go “to dog school, to learn good manners”, and those who, again, commented that this dog “is an example to many”.

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