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Lilo Dog Plays Basketball

Lilo, a 6-year-old Welsh Corgi from Huston, recently got very popular on the internet for her outstanding basketball skills. Her owner Denny Ku taught her how to shoot hoops during lockdown.Dog Plays Basketball

Denny says that Lilo has always been such an energetic dog that could play with him nonstop. Her favorite way of entertaining herself has always been chasing things like balls and balloons throughout the whole house. The idea of teaching Lilo to play basketball came to Denny when one day she kicked a ball up and it fell into the basket, amazing both Denny and his girlfriend.

Lilo is the happiest when she is playing with Denny. She always has the excitement of a kid when waiting for the shot. Denny says that it usually takes a lot of time for them both to learn and master a new trick. He admitted that sometimes the shot will not go as planned not because of Lilo’s kick but Denny’s pass. Although it requires a lot of patience, Lilo is always eager to learn something new. She is always willing to keep playing until the shot is made.

Lilo to Dog Plays Basketball
Dog Plays Basketball

Denny says that Lilo often challenges him to think more creatively while trying to figure out a way of making these trick shots bigger and more interesting. Recently, they have tried to do a multistep shot. After countless failed attempts Lilo was able to kick the ball right into the basket then to the bucket, through the ramp and finally into the box. Denny says that Lilo’s success made him feel energized and pumped up. He almost felt like his dog just graduated from Harvard.

Lilo elevates Danny to just be more active, more youthful and optimistic. He is very happy that he was able to share his passion about basketball with the dog that he loves so much.

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