Animal World
Mona Bahraini turned coop of her geese and chickens into a disco
Mona Bhraini turned the chicken coop intoa disco party to entertain the animals When Mona Bahraini and her husband first adopted chickens four years ago
dog crates for 100 pound dogsAnimal World
100-pound dog injured on hiking trail: he is recovering now
100-pound dog is recovering now after his injuries during hiking trail Meet Duke — a four-year-old Golden Retriever who loves to spend time outdoors with his family.
Dog Doesn't Recognize Owner After He Loses WeightNews
Owner couldn’t recognize his dog after being groomed
Owner takes the dog to the groomery and when he collects it he can’t recognize his dog With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were able
The effervescent white horse strollsAnimal World
A white horse walks alone through the streets of his neighborhood
A white horse named Jenny cheers up the citizens by his presence in the streets What would you think if you see a white horse that walks in your town without a rider?
Dichka adopted Archie when he was just a cub after she learnedAnimal World
Archie the bear found a family after zoo bankruptcy
Archie was just a bear cub when the girl rescued him and brought up as a pet We are all used to thinking of a pet like a dog or at most a bird in a cage.
rehabilitate an injured baby squirrel named BellaAnimal World
The squirrel named Bella became a regular guest of Harrisons
The squirrel did not wanted to leave the house of his human companion When we speak of domestic animals or in general of animals that are able to have
Then the man Adam named hisAnimal World
The man found a bird of prey which later became his best friend
Man saves a bird of prey which then never leaves his side We all know how much animals are able to give us special, warm emotions with their expressions of affection.
Rare albino baby elephant rescuedAnimal World
An albino elephant is rescued by volunteers
An albino elephant suffered because of the trap on her leg Imagine being part of a herd and being the so-called “black sheep”
Buy Disney Doc McStuffins Toy Doc DottiePositive
Doc and Dottie bring “gifts” to their open-hearted neighbor
Doc and Dottie crows “thank” a woman who fed them throughout the winter Among the birds with the most intelligence are definitely crows and magpies.
Erdogan himself personifies the new Turkish man whose singular quality isAnimal World
The Turkish man quit his career to build a shelter for the stray animals
The Turkish abandoned his university and career to build a refuge for the stray animals in his city Have you ever walked down the street and met a stray
This is Ken, Since 9 years-old boy from the PhilippinesAnimal World
Since 9 years of age, he used his savings to feed stray puppies
Since 9 years of age Ken fed abandoned animals and years later founded a shelter for them Compassion for every living creature should be an innate trait
The baby elephant appears to be in good health and its motherAnimal World
The elephant mother returned to the shelter to “present” her calf
The elephant mom returned to the shelter with a surprise: she “demonstrated” her calf to her saviors The elephants are animals of great charm
Andrew Nellist died in the city's first fatal shark attackAnimal World
Andrew is attacked by a shark in the sea: his pregnant wife saves him
Andrew , a 30-year-old man was attacked by a shark and  his pregnant wife dives in and saves him There are people who, due to a series of particularly
Adie Timmermans is banned from coming in contactAnimal World
Adie is forbidden to visit the chimpanzee: she fell in love with him
Adie is a woman from Belgium, who fell in love with chimpanzee Chita Love is a feeling that knows no barriers, no age, race or even species.
Rob Adamson who is knownAnimal World
Rob Adamson builds a raft to save the nest of two unfortunate swans
Rob Adamson who is known as a ” swan man” dedicated his life to nature It’s true, one shouldn’t interfere with Nature, but Rob