Rare albino baby elephant rescuedAnimal World
An albino elephant is rescued by volunteers
An albino elephant suffered because of the trap on her leg Imagine being part of a herd and being the so-called “black sheep”
The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall AsleepAnimal World
Little elephant “born from the heart” starts his life again thanks to his savior
Little elephant called Moyo and his savior Roxy have a true friendship Can an unlikely friendship arise between a little elephant and a woman?
The African elephant is the world's largestAnimal World
The elephant and his savior met after a long separation
The elephant seems to have recognized “his” veterinarian, after 12 years of never meeting a human, A very special bond exists between man and animal.
Sea elephant in natureAnimal World
Sea Elephant
Elephant sea are carnivores. The elephant seal is a deep-sea diver, a long-distance traveler, an animal that starves for long periods of time.