Storm Is A Fan Of Snow

Ever since the Larson Fan Of Snow Interesting

When the fan snow on the grass starts to melt.

Ever since the Larson family adopted Storm, he has been absolutely in love with winter and snow. Every year, when his favorite season arrives, he is so happy to know he is about to spend all of his time in the Fan Of Snow.

Stephanie Larson, Storms mom, says that whenever there is snow outside, Storm is outside as well. It is almost impossible to make him come back into the house. Much of the time Storm is covers himself in snowballs and gets completely soggy by the time his family forces him to come inside. He likes the snowy weather so much that he gets a little upset every time spring is coming. He definitely holds onto winter as long as he can.


As soon as Storm’s family realized how much he enjoys the snow, they started to create snow piles on their porch to make it possible for him to play with it for a little longer. When the snow on the grass starts to melt, the piles are still there.

Lately, the weather in Michigan, started to get warmer, and Storm’s snow adventures were about to end as his favorite snow started to melt. The snow pile had been there since December and he was playing with it during the whole winter. But sadly, it was the time to say goodbye to it. He spent a day rolled up against it, as the snow gradually melted away.

Storm treasures his every single moment spent playing in the snow, and he very much wishes he could be doing that for the rest of the year as well. A lot of people have advised the family to move to a place with a colder climate for Storm to be able to snuggle in the snow as much as he wants to.

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