Shivering Dog Transforms Into His Cheerful Self In Only Two Weeks

The very first minute she saw the Shivering Dog Dog Breeds

Two Shelter Workers Put Every Effort To Give The Shivering Dog A Different Life

Shira works at the animal shelter named The Animals Rescue Mission. The shelter has seen a number of dogs, with all kinds of personalities. And sometimes, they get to meet those with very unique characteristics. Bruno was one of them. He was the sweetest and friendliest Shivering Dog of all. Also, Bruno was a senior dog, already ten years old.

However, there was one thing about Bruno that made the shelter staff worry. He had a habit of shaking nonstop. No one knew what the reason was. But most likely, the dog was very afraid because of not being treated well. From the behavior of the dog it was clear that he was not a stray. He for sure lived with a family, which means it is likely he had been mistreated by them. It is interesting that despite shivering all the time and not trusting people around, Bruno showed no signs of aggression.

The staff members did everything to make him relax. But neither the warm, cozy blankets, nor the company of the other dogs made any difference. After a couple of days of trials, they made a decision to place the dog in a foster family for more personalized approach.

Finding a foster family for Bruno was not hard at all. Chekechea, a young lady with a lot of experience working with dogs, volunteered right away. The very first minute she saw the dog she felt like he was her soulmate. She likes to say that Bruno has such a great amount of positive energy, that he just makes everyone around him smile. He just made her day brighter. That was why she was so excited to bring him home.

Shivering Dog who shivered a lot
He was already no different than any other Shivering Dog.

Bruno and Chekechea bonded right away. And the first day they met was like a miracle, because when Chekechea hugged Bruno, it was the first time he stopped shivering. It was such a great improvement! When Bruno got to his new home, everything was already ready to welcome him. He had his own little corner with a number of toys to entertain him. There also were several other dogs on the house who were so happy to meet their new friend.

Chekechea wanted to make sure that Bruno had the best experience during his stay in their house. First, she gave him a bath, which he needed a lot. Bruno simply transformed after it. Not only he started to look a lot nicer, but he also felt so much calmer. He passed out right after. Indeed, it was a tiring day for the buddy, so he deserved a good sleep.

Once he gained his energy back, Chekechea dressed him up in a sweater, and took him for a walk in the neighborhood. Both of them enjoyed the sunny weather, and Bruno got to meet their neighbors for the first time. The dog that could not stop shivering in the morning, now was enjoying himself, and having the best day ever. All thanks to Chekechea, who knows just what Bruno needs.

Chekechea tells that she was able to discover a bit more about Bruno’s personality every single day. She adopted a habit of making Bruno little sweaters, which he wore whenever he went outside. She thought it would be a good idea for a Shivering Dog who shivered a lot. The sweaters would make him feel warm and comfortable, and would be something reminding him of home when he was out.

Another habit that she had was singing lullabies to him. It was something she rarely does to other dogs she fosters. But Bruno was special, and needed special attention. All of these efforts did not go in vain, because the dog’s transformation every single day was obvious.

During Bruno’s stay in Chekechea’s house, the shelter always kept in touch to check on his wellbeing. Every week, Shira visited them to keep track on how much Bruno has improved. And every time she saw him, she was amazed. Usually, dogs that were mistreated or abused, or enter the shelter with some sort of trust issues need weeks, and sometimes, months of rehabilitation. There needs to be a a good amount of work done with them to bring them back to their previous cheerful states. But Bruno was breaking all the stereotypes.

The first time Shira visited Chekechea and Bruno, she already knew this dog was going to be ready to join a forever family soon. She saw Bruno jumping around in the grass and playing with the other dogs. He was already no different than any other Shivering Dog. He just needed a bit more time to make sure he was doing great.

The second time Shira visited them, she already made a decision to start looking for a family for him. Chekechea could not hide her sadness. Even after saying goodbye to Bruno, she barely holds her tears every time talking about him. She admits that she did want to adopt the dog herself. But she has a very busy lifestyle, and another dog would be too much for her. She could not do anything other than handing her new best friend to another family.

Fortunately, however, the new family was just perfect for Bruno. Among the applicants of adopting families that the shelter received, there was on man who wanted a dog just like him. In his application, he mentioned that he wants a senior dog, which is very rare, who had been rescued by the shelter. He also mentioned that he would like a dog that was cheerful and playful, just like Bruno. And most importantly, the man mentioned that he spent a lot of time at home, and was ready to devote all of it to his pets. This was everything Bruno needed. With him, Bruno would not feel lonely, and would have an entirely different experience than with his previous family.

The name of the man was Armen. Shira immediately called him. They agreed to meet Armen in his house, and see how Bruno would react to him. Armen turned out to be a very decent man, who Bruno accepted right away. Shira and Chekechea agreed that Armen was so nice and sweet to the dog. They knew they could trust him. Bruno seemed to like him too. He liked the house as well. He was so excited to wander around it and see what new interesting items he could find. It was clear that Bruno felt very comfortable in his new home, which was a good enough sign that Armen was a good candidate as Bruno’s new family.

Shera and Chekechea did a great job of saving Bruno and turning him into a completely new dog. Now, looking at Bruno feeling so confident and joyful with his new family, they feel proud of Bruno, and they feel proud of themselves for giving him the chance, and believing in him. They can never forget the Bruno that entered the shelter, all nervous and scared. Bruno was one of the very few dogs who overwent such huge transformation, and Shira and Chekechea are the lucky ones who made it happen. Now, all they can do is wish Bruno good luck in his new home and say goodbye to him.

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