Senior parrot gets a full transformation

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Woman gives the Senior parrot the life he could never have in the shelter

When Emily got Reno, her parrot, it was a huge responsibility. This was not an ordinary parrot. He was already a senior, and would need a lot of extra care and attention. But the shelter decided to trust Emily, who made sure she did not disappoint them.Senior parrot

Emily knew she signed up for something pretty difficult. But she was determined to do her best to give the parrot the best years of his life. Emily already had another parrot, Chucky, who she had been taking care of for more than ten years. But with Reno, everything was different. For instance, Reno would not shed on his own. For that reason, there were so many feathers on him, that were not supposed to be there anymore. They were hard and fry, like wooden sticks, and would give Reno a very worn out look. Also, they were not very hygienic.

Emily needed go take care of the shedding process on her own. She would regularly look through Reno’s feathers, and see if there are some that he no longer needs. After the daily shedding and a bath, Reno looked beautiful as ever. It is funny, how during his stay in the shelter, he never looked so nice, while with Emily, he went through quite of a transformation.

Although Reno is a senior bird, he still continues to learn new things. He will copy Emily when she says “pretty birdie”. That has become her favorite thing to say all day long. Seeing how well Reno has been doing, Emily realized he was ready to meet Chucky. And little did she know, they would become soulmates in no time. Chucky even started to protect Reno from Emily. When she approached their cage and tried to pet Reno, Chucky was all ready to attack her.

Emily gave Reno a whole new life that he could not have in a shelter. And most importantly, she gave Reno a best friend, which is all a senior bird needs to brighten up his day.

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