Senior Chihuahua’s Flight With Pilot

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Flight With Pilot,It was clear that the dog was a senior

Julian Javor believes that he has the best job. Not only he works as a pilot, but he also flies planes filled with hundreds of dogs and cats. He takes them to shelters where they can find their forever homes. The thing is that in some states in America, the shelters are totally full, and there is not room for any more animals. In other states, on the other hand, the shelters are pretty much empty. That is why some of the animals need to take a trip from one shelter to another. This also increases their chances of finding a family.Flight With Pilot

Julian has a habit of taking the animals out of their cages during the flight, and bring them to the pilot cabin. He likes to see their excitement seeing the beautiful view around them, and realizing that they are high up in the clouds.

Pilot Dog
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One day, Julian noticed a senior chihuahua getting ready to get on the board. His name was Christopher. Julian got so attached to him from the very first minute they met. It was clear that the dog was a senior, and had lived many long years in the shelter. But it turned out that Christopher had already found his family, who was going to take him right after their plane lands.

Julian was so happy to know that there was a surprise waiting for Christopher. And to make his day even more magical, he allowed him to sit next to him in the plane and enjoy the view. Christopher was absolutely happy about that. Finally, when the plane landed, there was a woman waiting for Christopher. Apparently, she had another chihuahua in her home, so Chris was going to have a brother. Julian tells that Chris’s tail started to waggle the minute he saw his new mom and brother.

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