Robin knew what would be a perfect gift for her cat

Robin named him Oliver. Cat Breeds

Robin cheered up her cat with dozens of containers

Robin already had four cats and a parrot in the house, but when she saw the tiny kitten all by himself under the tree in the neighborhood, she could not leave him like that. The kitten was probably only several weeks old, so he was very weak. On top of that, he also seemed to have some kind of an eye infection that did not allow him to fully open his eyes.

Robin named him Oliver. When he got to his new home, his eyes started to get better with medication and proper care. However, here he encountered another problem. The rest of the cats in the house were not too happy to have him around. Oliver tried and tried to approach them. But they were simply not having it. Oliver desperately started to look for other ways to entertain himself.

And then, Oliver found his new obsession. He found the containers in the kitchen. Since that very moment, he could not think about anything other than them. He could place his other toys in them, and see them from outside, as the containers were transparent. Or he could shake the containers to see what happens to the toys in them. He could master in opening and closing them. The containers were the most interesting thing ever for Oliver.

Robin tells how funny Oliver looks when he carries them everywhere with him. Never lets anyone touch it, and never leaves them out of sight. He cherishes them as something very precious. Sometimes he looks like he worships them. Robin realized that Oliver’s obsession with containers grew to the point where she needed to fight with him to get them back.

At that point, Robin decided to make Oliver a surprise.

She gave him a bag full of new nice containers of all sizes. This way, both of them would get what they wanted. Oliver was more than happy to receive them. Still, he wanted to have them all for himself.

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