Rob Adamson builds a raft to save the nest of two unfortunate swans

Rob Adamson who is known Animal World

Rob Adamson who is known as a ” swan man” dedicated his life to nature

It’s true, one shouldn’t interfere with Nature, but Rob Adamson could no longer bear to see a pair of swans suffering. They continually lost their nest with their eggs every time the waters of St Ives rose up. The forty-two-year-old, therefore, decided to intervene to safeguard the nest belonging to that pair of swans. The nest he had been watching over for 10 years at the Jones Boatyard. He himself lives on a floating boat nearby. In all those years, the swan eggs rising waters or foxes always destroyed, but this time Rob wouldn’t allow it. It’s no coincidence that, in the area, people also know him as a “swan man”.

Swans are fascinating and also very elegant water birds, which build their nests in spring among the reeds, near water. The female lays 5 to 8 eggs and then broods them for about 35 days. Meanwhile, the male guards the nest. The pair of swans that Rob Adamson had been taking care of for years had never had much luck during the brooding period, as the eggs were always lost or destroyed. Rob would not have gone to bed peacefully just thinking that the swans might lose their eggs again.

That evening, Rob realized that the waters surrounding St Ives were rising and that swans weren’t going to make it. So, in a hurry, in the dark of the evening, the man built a kind of makeshift raft, in order to move the nest with the eggs to a safer area. During the operation, he claims that the couple’s male did nothing to stop him and neither of them became aggressive: they probably knew that the man was just trying to help them and that they couldn’t hope for anything better! The raft had a rope attached to it, so he can move it across the water if needed.

Rob did a really nice job, giving these swans a chance to continue hatching their own eggs. A man who has dedicated his life to nature and who would not change his lifestyle for the world!

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