Rescued Opossum Refused To Be Released

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Opossum Did Not Want To Leave Her Rescuer’s House

Dylan moved from New York to the countryside to devote his life to saving animals in need. He currently has an area where there live about eighty animals of different species. He has horses, chickens, ducks, sheep, and many more. All of them are rescued. He also saves wild animals and releases them once they are ready. Opossum

That was how Lil Miss, a baby opossum ended up in Dylan’s house. Lil Miss was the most adorable little creature, about the size of Dylan’s thumb. At first, taking care of him was not easy. Feeding him every fifteen minutes was already enough work.

Dylan says that he knew he was doing important work. He knew that if he did wrong even something very little, he might harm a living animal. That was what motivated him to put all his effort into raising the little opossum.

As Lil Miss grew, Dylan was able to discover her personality. He tells that not even every species, but every single animal has its unique personality. And the more you live with them, the more you are convinced of it. Lil Miss, for instance, was very loving and affectionate.

She probably saw Dylan as her savior, so she bonded with him so well. She also was super clean, which breaks a lot of stereotypes about opossums. Dylan assures that Lil Miss is groomed more times a day than his cats.

When Lil Miss grew older, Dylan realized it was time to release her. Several times, he took her to the park. But every time he tried to leave her, she ran right back. It was unusual because Dylan had rescued and released other opossums as well. But the other ones were quite happy to finally be free and did not even look back when being released.

Rescued Opossum

Dylan decided to live him outside for several hours, to see how that would go. He placed him outdoors and did not show up for nine hours straight. But when he came back, Lil Miss jumped right on him and started licking his face so happily, as if he once again saved her life.

That was when Dylan realized that the right decision would be letting Lil Miss live with him forever. Sadly, it did not take long, as opossums only have a lifespan of two years. But Dylan is glad that those two years were the happiest ever both for him and for Lil Miss.

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