Rescue Puppies Hug Each Other For Comfort

Animal Charity of Rescue Puppies Hug Dog Breeds

Animal Charity of Ohio recently received a call about a family of dogs that needed their help. Jane MacMurchy, the operations director, and her team arrived at the address to discover three helpless dogs waiting for someone to save them. A mother and her two puppies have been living in filth. It became clear that their owner did not take care of them at all and the dogs had to find ways of surviving on their own. That made them entirely codependent on each other.Rescue Puppies Hug

The owners surrendered the young puppies with the names Peaches and Layla and their seven  years old mom Lady to the Animal Charity. The rescuers rushed the dogs to the vet before taking them to the shelter.

Although the checkup proved that they were relatively healthy, all of them lacked confidence and social skills. The puppies had no idea what to do when their mom was not around. MacMurchy says that it broke her heart seeing Layla and Peaches hug, to comfort one another. While the mom was finishing her medical checkup and vaccinations, the puppies had to stay on their own. They got so scared that they latched onto each other.

In the shelter, Mac Murchy is trying to do everything to teach the dogs to trust again. The puppies are feeling a lot more confident when their mother is around so they are working with the three of them as a group as well as individually.

Just a few days after the rescue, the progress is already evident. Lady loves to go outside for walks. She is eager to meet new people. However, the socialization process for the puppies is going to take a bit longer. But when they are finally ready for adoption, we hope that they will go to a home together.Rescue Puppies Hug

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