Rain is all this duckling needs for happiness: an amazing scene

Rain is all this duckling needs for happiness Animal World

Rain is the only thing that can make the baby duckling happy 

Cheerio is a very special duckling. He appeared in the Here With Us Farm Sanctuary from the very first day he was born. He was very sick and had disabilities. Cheerio misses one of his eyes, and has serious issues with his nervous system, restricting his movements heavily. While no one could guarantee the duckling would be able to make it during the first couple of weeks of his life, he proved to everyone how strong he was. As a result, here he is, already ten months old, living his best life, and enjoying every single moment of it.

Andrea, Cheerio’s supervisor, tells that her favorite thing to do is to watch Cheerio explore the world around him and enjoy the rain. He really loves to take everything the world has to offer, despite his disabilities. And he truly loves to do that. Recently, it was time for another discovery. Cheerio was about to experience rain for the first time. Andrea took him outside, helped him sit in the specially designed chair for him, and placed an umbrella above. She also did not forget to invite Cheerio’s friends to join the fun. They had their snacks and water with them as if preparing to watch a movie.

The scene was more impressive than any movie. For Cheerio, it was almost like magic. He kept looking up, and admiring the rain. He tried his best to move to the side so that the umbrella does not get in the way. Cheerio was so quiet all along. But happiness showed.

Andrea tells that it makes her so happy to see how such small things are more than enough for the duckling to appreciate the beauty of life. Cheerio does not get to experience the regular things that ducks do, such as running in the grass. But that is what makes him notice the small things and find happiness in them.

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