Python found himself the perfect spot for taking naps

Python found himself Animal World

Python was upset because people disturbed his sleep on their bed

This giant python was just trying to take a peaceful nap, but apparently, the family, whose house he snuck into to do so, was not exactly happy with that idea.

Emma Wilson was in the kitchen with her daughter when she heard a faint “thump” coming from one of the bedrooms. Concerned, she went to see if everything was alright. She would have never thought that there would be a huge carpet python awaiting her. The snake, stretched on the bed was staring right back at her.

Apparently, the python had been taking a nap on the roof of the house. But the light fixture was unable to support his height so he fell over right through the ceiling. Despite the fall, the snake did not seem surprised. Either way, the snake was trying to rest a little and he discovered that his new spot was even more comfortable. Eventually, he just decided to stay there, making no moves to leave.

The family immediately contacted the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers to see if they could help to get the snake out of the house. Luckily, the snake stayed on the bed the whole time while Emma waited for the rescuers to arrive. “He looked pretty cozy on the bed when we came,” said Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Snake Catchers. His sleepiness made the team’s work so much easier.

The rescuers had no issue with picking him up and transporting him to somewhere safer. The python remained unconcerned throughout the whole process. He probably could not understand what all the fuss was about – the poor thing just wanted to nap.

The snake is now back in the wild. Hopefully, he was able to find a place more suitable for afternoon naps. A place where no one would disturb his precious sleep.


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