Percy the lizard loves traveling with his mom and make her happy

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Percy, the bearded dragon always knows how to make his owner happy

A teenager bought a bearded dragon, later named Percy, for herself, but she later realized that she was unable to take good care of him. With her school activities, she hardly managed to spend any time with the lizard, whom she named Percy. Eventually, she started thinking of giving Pеrcy to another family, where he would receive all the attention he needed. That is how pеrcy harvin ended up with Valerie, a woman who was more than happy to adopt him.

When she first got Pеrcy, he looked really stressed, afraid of everyone and everything. He was hissing whenever anyone tried touching him. It took Valery a couple of days until he let her touch him and a few months until he started to fully trust her. Valerie loves taking him on trips with her, which he enjoys just as much. “His favorite thing about traveling is probably the car ride,” said Valerie.

“He even has his special pillow under the windshield, from where he loves observing the road.” They often visit national parks together. “Sadly, we can make this kind of trip happen only during summer when the weather is nice. The lizard is extremely sensitive to the cold.”

Sometimes he acts like a little child that gets frightened by everything unknown. “He gets scared of pretty much everything. Planes, birds, and especially helicopters because they are extremely noisy.”

He often surprises people with his intelligence. He knows where his room is, how to get to his terrarium, and how to ask for treats. He acknowledges himself and knows when people call for him. “While in our yard, he is always very calm and unbothered. But when I take him just two hundred feet away, he instantly panics because he can’t recognize his surroundings.”

Pеrcy is living his best life in Valery’s house. He feels like a celebrity.

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