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What does a Schnauzer look like

Man is a friend to a dog – everyone around knows this. Do you agree? Now a person chooses a friend according to many parameters: size, friendliness, hunting skills, attitude towards children and loneliness, and level of activity. Each dog is unique because it has a unique character, habits, and behaviors. Schnauzer

A medium-sized and cute miniature schnauzer dog is the personification of temperament, strength, and cheerfulness. The harmless and fragile appearance of the pet is deceptive. Individuals are smart, cunning, and serious.

The breed belongs to the group of schnauzers and is the smallest representative. The miniature schnauzer is a service variety.

An oversized specimen is capable of guarding, attacking, and defending.

The pet is characterized by vigilance, fearlessness, and intuition. Miniature Schnauzer is able to serve in the internal troops (police, customs). This is an affectionate and caring creature that requires mutual feelings.

The most common is the color “pepper and salt”, which is a combination of black and white pigment. Individuals of black and white color are in demand.

Due to the highly developed sense of imitation, dogs lend themselves to trick training. Individuals respond to changes in the intonation of the host. With the combination of the correct timbre and understandable gestures, the dog learns quickly.

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