Man Was Too Dedicated To Adopt The Dog

When Elliot moved back Dog Breeds

When Elliot moved back to the shelter Dedicated To Adopt The Dog

Elliot is the most adorable border collie puppy. The Palm Springs Animals Shelter found him as a stray dog, and took him in to make sure he finds a forever family. Elliot immediately got a lot of attention for his cute appearance and sad-looking eyes. But the dog himself was very anxious to be with people. For a stray dog, staying with people was a bit new. That was why the shelter placed him in a foster family first. This way he would adapt to the life in a house and being surrounded by people.Dedicated To Adopt The Dog

During his time with the foster family, Elliot managed to find a friend. It was his fosters’ neighbor, Dr. Eberhart. The two bonded very well together. Dr. Eberhart loved the dog so much that he decided to adopt him once the fostering period was over. And he was a little bit too dedicated to do that.

Man Was Too Dedicated To Adopt The Dog
Dedicated To Adopt The Dog

When Elliot moved back to the shelter, people were free to come and check him out for adoption starting the next day. Dr. Eberhart came as early as 8 am, so he was first in line, just to know that the shelter was not going to open till 1 pm that day. Dr. Eberhart saw that there are other people coming to the shelter as well, and he did not want anyone to go in before him. So instead of going home and returning when the shelter was open, he decided to put his folding chair in front of the doors of the shelter and read a book, waiting for the shelter to open.

When the staff came, they were more than surprised to see a man camping right next to their shelter. They gladly let him in, knowing how much he wanted to adopt Elliot. Elliot was so happy to see who had come to meet him. And little did he know he was about to live with their family from now on.

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