Man That Rescued 1700 Dogs

Man That Rescued 1700 Dogs Dog Breeds

But Mimi was far not the only Man That Rescued 1700 Dogs

It all started when Sasha, who lives in Serbia, found an abandoned puppy with a broken arm on the street and decided to take care of her. He named her Mimi, and took her straight to the shelter. Sasha tells that he felt so bad looking at Mimi, who had to live all on her own. But once they got to the shelter, Mimi started to look a bit better. She seemed like trusting the vets, even though seeing them for the first time.Man That Rescued 1700 Dogs

Since then, Mimi has been living wish Sasha. But Mimi was far not the only dog that Sasha rescued. In fact, he rescued not 10, and not 100, but 1700 abandoned dogs. After saving Mimi, Sasha developed a habit of driving in the town, looking for abandoned dogs. Usually, he finds them tied up from a fence, or in some very unwelcoming areas. Sasha tells that in Serbia, it is also very common to leave the dogs in the woods, so drives in the woods are also common practice for Sasha.

Man That Rescued 1700 Dogs

After saving five dogs, Sasha realized that he needs to open a shelter and devote his life to what he loves doing most of all. It is interesting that before the case with Mimi, he never even though of rescuing dogs. And now he has his own shelter with hundreds of dogs there. Out of the 1700 dogs, 950 have been placed in wonderful families, leaving the shelter with additional 750.

For Sasha, it is important that all of the dogs, no matter whether they get a placement or not, live their best life. This is why he makes sure that life in the shelter is always fun. Sasha does his best to give special attention to every single dog and get the trust of all of them. And he wants to express his gratitude to all the donors for making it possible.

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