Loyal Benji the dog visits his little owner

wondering what was wrong with little Benji today News

Loyal dog was coming to the children’s shelter to visit a boy who was his owner and beloved friend

We can’t choose our parents and ,unfortunately, a boy named Peter was in particular unlucky with them. The only joy of the kid was a mongrel dog and the boy called him Benji. Once this dog came with one of his mother’s friends then the man disappeared but the loyal dog stayed.

Maybe Benji felt sorry for the boy who was playing alone in the yard or just because he felt lonely himself. All in all the dog and the child became friends .When child protection services finally decided to separate peter from his mother Benji nearly bit the strangers who were taking away his best friend. One of the policemen who was there wanted to kill him. However Benji was an intelligent and quick-witted dog. When the car with the boy went onto the road the dog was quietly chasing after it.

The very next morning at the fence of the children’s shelter the staff noticed an unknown dog .They tried to kick the dog out but Benji didn’t want to leave. He was looking at the entrance of the children’s shelter as if waiting for someone.

They took pity on the loyal dog and threw him some food, he did not refuse. In the evening he disappeared but in the morning he came back again to his post . When the children went out for a walk Benji immediately whined got excited and tried to crawl between the bars of a narrow fence . The staff was scared that he could bite the kids.

But running away the dog always came back. He went somewhere at night and in the morning he was always at the gate of the children’s shelter. The staff was thinking of calling a service that catches stray dogs, however the story ended well. Once Benji managed to crawl between the bars of the fence while the children were having a walk and rushed to Peter who was sitting alone as he didn’t want to play with anyone.

It was hard for Peter to adapt in an unfamiliar environment and he felt lonely. Suddenly someone almost knocked him down and the boy felt a familiar rough tongue licking his palms. The staff of the children’s shelter who rushed from all sides to save the child stopped in wonder. The joy of these two the kid and the dog was unforgettable.

Finally even the strict headmistress felt sympathy and allowed the dog to live in the household yard under the responsibility of Igor who was working in the children’s shelter as a watchman. The watchman built a kennel for Benji and put a chain on him. That was the order of the headmistress .

The dog certainly wasn’t used to being chained up but he didn’t even resist it , he was ready to do everything for his best friend. Most importantly they were finally together. Today the children will soon go for a walk. Benji is impatiently running and fro as he knows that his little friend will soon come running to him.

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