After A Lot Of Adventures, The Dog Found His Family

Dog Found Family Dog Breeds

The staff members did their best to get Cow to the shelter safely

The dog named Cow for the striking black and white patterns on his fur, had to go through a lot of adventures and face some ups and downs. Louisiana SPCA shelter staff found him tied up on a bridge. The dog was not in a bad physical condition, however, no doubt he was anxious. When the staff tried to give his some treats, and befriend him by talking to him, the dog was too hesitant to trust them.Dog Found His Family

The staff members did their best to get Cow to the shelter safely. For the first couple of days, Cow continued being shy. But once he got to know the people there, he came out of his shell in no time. Cow became super friendly to everyone in the shelter, very energetic, and excited about everything. He was just so full of positivity. Usually, the dogs that had been tied somewhere on the streets with no supervision need some time and effort to come back to being their joyful selves. Sometimes, they need to spend some time with a foster family who will help them with that. Only after that they are able to join their new families.

Dog Found His Family
Dog Found His Family

But surprisingly, Cow did not need any special care. This was a sign that the family he lived with was actually very caring, which raises a question of why the dog ended up tied up on the bridge.

Dog Found His Family

The shelter found the answer to this question when looking for a new family for Cow. They accidentally came across Cow’s previous owners. Apparently, they had been looking for their dog. When the shelter contacted the family, everything became clear. The family told them that Cow had been stolen from them. Since then, they had been looking for him.

When the family came to the shelter to take their dog, Cow was the happiest. The staff tells that they had never seen Cow as cheerful as when he saw the people he missed so much.

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