Lizard Gets Jealous When Woman Brings Two Rats Into The House

A lizard infestation usually starts from the kitchen and bathroom Animal World

One Should Have A Lot Of Courage To Have A Lizard And Two Rats In The House

Mina is not a regular animal lover. When thinking of what animal to have in the house, her final decision was a lizard and two rats. Not quite usual, of course, but it would definitely be fun!

At first, she got only the lizard, Mochi. Mochi is very attached to Mina. He follows her around like a shadow and always expects to be in the center of her attention. He does not even agree to let her alone even when she leaves the house. When Mina goes to a store, Mochi is on her shoulder. Sometimes people find him cute and ask to pet him, which boosts Mochi’s confidence even more.

Not only is Mochi so attached and loyal, but he is also incredibly smart. Mina tells that she could have never expected to be able to train a lizard like a dog. But after some time spent with Mochi, there she was, telling commands to her lizard. When Mina gives Mochi some food, she can say “Wait”, and Mochi will not even touch it. When she says “go”, Mochi knows he is good to go. Also, Mina can tap on the floor, and Mochi will come right to her.

When Mina got Mademoiselle and Millie, her two rats, she knew Mochi would get jealous. Mochi was in shock at first, his eyes got wide, and he would look at the rats, and then at Mina, as if trying to call for help from the unfamiliar creatures. Mochi did not like it how the rats were a lot more active than him. By the time Mochi made a single move, the rats would run over him several times. They could actually be annoying at times. But with time, Mochi learns to live with them.

No doubt it might be a bit chaotic in Mina’s house at times. But she lives with her best friends, so what else can be better?

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