Four Baby Raccoons Were Found In A Box

A raccoons crawls up a tree Animal World

Evelyn realized it was time to let the Baby Raccoons live in their natural environment.

Evelyn has rescued and taken care of wild animals for numerous times. Knowing that, people sometimes approach to her when an animal needs some help. One day, Evelyne found a box in front of her house, with four newly born raccoons in it. They were less than a week old, and could hardly open their eyes.Baby Raccoons

Evelyn brought them in without hesitation. She was more than excited to take care of the four babies. Watching these tiny creatures grow is always so funny and entertaining. And in the end, seeing them fully grown and healthy is like a reward after all the hard work.

Evelyn named the babies Luna, Moon, Shadow, and Star. Even though they were so tiny, it was not hard to see that they all had their very unique personalities. Evelyn tells that Shadow was the most adventurous one of all. He was the little funny troublemaker in the house. Once they made their first attempts to walk, Shadow was more than ready to go explore the surrounding. Evelyn confirms losing him sometimes. And then, finding him in the oddest places in the house, like in the tube of the rolled paper.

It did not take long for the other babies to start exploring the house as well. They thought Evelyn was their mother, so they desperately kept following her around everywhere. As they grew older, they became more and more independent. Evelyn made sure that they did. She tried distancing herself from them once she realized they were ready for that. She let them spend more time outside.

The raccoons enjoyed being out a lot. They especially like playing in the water, as Evelyn set up pools for them. As time passed, Evelyn realized it was time to let the raccoons live in their natural environment. She took them all into the woods and released them.

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