Family Finds A Cat Who Was Going To Give Birth In A Rain Gutter

The family knew the Cat Who Was Going To Give Birth Positive

After they got a little warm,Cat Who Was Going To Give Birth.

During one rainy afternoon, the family heard some noises coming out of their bedroom window. They rushed out to see what the matter was. And they soon realized there was a cat hiding in the rain gutter. The family realized that the cat was just about to give birth to her babies. She probably thought that the rain gutter was a good enough place for that.

The family knew the cat, who they named Storm, needed help. It was going to rain soon, and both the cat and her kittens were going to remain in the gutter. The kittens would most likely drown, as Storm would not manage to get them out of such a narrow gutter. They all were truly luck to get the attention of the family, who was willing to help in any ways they could.

The family knew they needed to act fast, so they called the fire department and animal rescue shelter for help. There was quite a lot to do. They needed to set up a rope from the roof of the house, and prepare equipment to scoop up the babies when they are born.

The cat gave birth to five kittens, and all of them were taken into the house safely. They took the mother cat in too. After they got a little warm, all of them moved to the shelter. It appeared that Storm was microchipped. This explains why she chose such an unsuitable place to have her babies.

Unfortunately, the shelter was not able to contact Storm’s family. Now, all they could do was to keep the mother with all of her babies safe, until the kittens were a bit older. Later, the shelter would start looking for a family for all of them. Hopefully, there will be a family willing to take them in all together.

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