Dogs Decided To Go Shopping All By Themselves

Gabriela could Dogs To Go Shopping News

The kid was asking his mom Go Shopping.

Gabriela had to visit her friend for only a couple of minutes, and, as she did not want to leave her dog with no supervision, she took him with her. While the Gabriela was visiting her friend, she let Johnny, her dog, stay outside with her friend’s dog, Charlie. She had done it so many times. She was confident that the two would get along together, and would not cause any trouble until Gabriela came back.Go Shopping

In only five minutes, Gabriela came out, just to see both of the dogs had disappeared. They ran to the nearby field, to see if the dog were there, but they could not find them. After looking for them for more than ten minutes, they started to worry. The dogs had never been gone for that long. They started to look for them inside the town. And that was when they came across a lady with her son.

The kid was asking his mom if they could take the dogs home, while the woman refused, telling that they probably belonged to someone. Hearing that conversation, Gabriela ran right towards them to ask what dogs they were talking about. And their answer was simply hilarious.

The woman told seeing two dogs in the Dollar store, looking for some toys in the dog aisle. She said that she saw them walking so confidently into the store, and running right into the dog aisle. They both seemed so happy and excited.

Gabriela could not believe what she heard. Did the dogs actually memorize all the way to the store, and where exactly the toys were? Moreover, they saw each other, and in less than five minutes, they made the decision to go shopping for some new toys. It was mind-blowing, but it was true. Gabriela rushed to the store, and found both of the dogs playing with the toys.

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