Dogs Also Go Camping

Dogs Also Go Camping Dog Breeds

They started to drive across the town

Andrew has always been so proud of his dogs for being so independent. Both of them, Gus and Levi, were very different from any pet dogs. The fact that they lived on a farm definitely had its impact on their personalities. It is worth to mention that the dogs, even though they belonged to Andrew and his family, did not stay inside the house. They had their own house in the yard, and liked to wander in the fields all day long. Only when the weather is terrible do they come inside the house.Dogs Also Go Camping

Such a lifestyle made Gus and Levi truly independent. Just like wild animals, they are even able to hunt and feed on their own. For that reason, they like to live their own life. Sometimes they leave home without letting their family know about it. They like to go for a walk in the nature, and come back later that day.

Dogs Also Go Camping

On day, as Andrew woke up to see Gus missing, he thought the dog probably went for a walk. Also, as Levi was very calm, Andrew knew that everything was under control. But the dog did not come back that day. Still, there was nothing to worry about. Andrew knew that there had been times when the dog did not come back at night, and it turned out he just wanted to spend some time in the nature. But now, it was already the third day that Gus did not appear, which made Andrew and his family worry.

They started to drive across the town, and in the neighbor towns, looking for the dog. After several hours, when they were starting to lose their hope, they drove near the river, just to see a pile of dogs resting there peacefully. As they approach, they realized that not only Gus was among them, but the rest of the dogs were also some of the neighbor dogs. Andrew and his family burst out laughing when they realized that a friend group of neighbor dogs got together and decided to go camping near the river together.

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