Dog Likes To Surprise Neighbor Kids

the shopping bag Dog Likes To Surprise Dog Breeds

Nikolai saw a loaf of bread in the shopping bag Dog Likes To Surprise

The neighbor kids have already decided who their favorite dog it. And it is Nikolai. He is always there to make the kids’ day when he goes for walks, because he always has something interesting to surprise them.Dog Likes To Surprise

Everything started when Nikolai was only ten months old. It was then that he started to carry items in his mouth. He started by bringing Allie and her family members the stuff that they needed. For instance, when he saw someone leaving the house, he would bring their shoes, or the car keys. He would watch everyone carefully to see if anyone forgot something so that he could bring it. Allie says that her dog has always been a helper.

One day shopping bag Dog Likes To Surprise
Dog Likes To Surprise

But as Nikolai grew older, carrying stuff turned to a habit. Whenever he went for a walk, he needed to carry something. After shopping, he liked to carry the bags. Or when he was with Allie, he wanted to carry whatever Allie was carrying. Nikolai just loved the fact that he was being useful for the family.

One day, Nikolai saw a loaf of bread in the shopping bag, and it caught his attention. And when Allie told him they were going for a walk, Nikolai got overly excited and jumped right to the kitchen to take the loaf with him. Allie found it funny, and could not say no. Since then, taking something from the kitchen before leaving home, and having it in his mouth for the entire walk became regular. It could be a box of cereals, a loaf of bread, a package of bagels. He especially likes products that come in packages.

That is how Nikolai became the favorite dog of children in the neighborhood. Kids are excited to see him outside, and always laugh when seeing what he is carrying with him this time.

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