Dog Likes To Climb Trees

Lisa tells that when they got the dog Dog Breeds

Leah was driving along the road when she noticed a gigantic tree with a sign in front of it. The sight said “Our dogs climb trees, they are fine”. Leah got so confused. She found the sign to be very weird, because why would they want everyone to know that their dogs climb trees? But then, she looked at the tree more closely, and there she was. The dog that liked to climb trees, standing on top of a branch. Leah thought it was so funny. The dog was a tiny chihuahua, but had all the courage to climb trees.Dog Likes To Climb

Apparently, the tree lover was Daisy, Lisa’s dog. Lisa tells that when they got the dog, she was already totally into trees. She was very energetic, and loved all the outdoor activities. And tree climbing was an activity she came up with. Daisy does not need any supervision. She likes to be independent, like a stray dog, in some sense. Whenever she wants to be home, she stays, and whenever she feels like getting into adventures, or enjoying the nature, she goes outside and wanders around.Dog Likes To Climb

Even though Lisa and her family knew about Daisy’s habit of climbing trees, their neighbors were not aware of it. As a result, a lot of time they tried taking the dog down to the ground, or calling Lisa to inform her about the dog, as they thought Daisy was stuck and needed help. Endless visitors and phone calls telling about the dog on the tree became normal for Lisa’s family. But it could not go on forever. To solve this problem, the family put the sign in front of the trees, so their neighbors knew everything was under control.

Not, both the sign and the dog in the tree became so popular, as people take pictures and post them on social media. But most importantly, Daisy is able to enjoy climbing on trees without people trying to take him down.

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