Dog Likes To Bring Stick To His Tortoise Friend

Dog Likes Stick Dog Breeds

Skippy has came up with a new hob Dog Likes To Bring Stick

The family is determined to fill their house with rescued animals, and that was how the dog named Skippy and the tortoise named Tilly G ended up adopted there. The family tells that the second Skippy saw Tilly G, they all knew these two were going to form the best relationship. Skippy got so excited when he saw Tilly G for the first time. He started to jump around him, and never left his side. And he continuous doing that ever since.Dog Likes To Bring Stick

Out of all the animals that the family has, the bond between these two is special. They want to do everything together – to eat food, to play, or to sunbath and enjoy the weather. However, they have very different personalities. Skippy is overly energetic, ready to run around all day long. While Tilly G likes to take it easy. Perhaps, sometimes Skippy gets a bit annoying for Tilly G. But Tilly is ready to tolerate it, because he likes seeing Skippy happy.

Dog Likes Stick
Dog Likes To Bring Stick

Recently, Skippy has came up with a new hobby. He is obsessed with gathering sticks, and showing them to Tilly. Now, that is what the dog is doing mostly all day long. Whenever he is not eating or sleeping, he is somewhere looking for a stick. And when he finds it, it is time for him to show it off to his best friend. The way he shows it to Tilly is so funny. He just keeps sticking it out in front of his eyes again and again. His behavior is usually annoying for Tilly G, who is trying his best to protect his eyes from the sticks. Sometimes he tries to get away from Skippy, but Skippy will chase him anyways.

Skippy and Tilly G are like real brothers. They love each other, but they also like to be annoying sometimes.

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