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Dog Is Crazy

What makes Lennon so unique and special is that he is totally obsessed with water. Lindsay says that Lennon did not have this obsession when he was just a pup. At least, he did not have the crazy personality that he has today. But as he grew up, he started liking water more and more. The funny thing is that he likes water anywhere and in any form. It may be ice, snow, a lake, the Ocean, or just the water in the bath tub.Dog Is Crazy

Lindsay and her family noticed Lennon’s interest in water during their vacation near the lake. It was than that Lennon came up with his new hobby – diving into the water and collecting rocks. However, he did not like just any rocks. He was super careful when choosing the ones that looked pretty to him. Sometimes he accidentally lost the rocks that he liked, and he was so sad that he was just about to cry.

Best Dog Is Crazy
Best Dog Is Crazy

Later, as Lindsay’s family went skiing, they realized their dog loved snow just as much as he loved water. He would dive into the pile of snow, and run along Lindsay whenever she was skiing. His excitement about snow was probably due to the fact that it was the first time he saw that much snow in his life.

Lennon even got the chance to visit the Ocean. There, he liked to find a peak, from where he could jump into the water with a lot of splash. He would jump, then come right back just to jump again all day long.

Looks like Lennon definitely lives his best life full of adventures. But even when he is home, he does not forget about what he loves the most. Here, the bath tub is all the water that he can get, and that is his favorite place in the house.

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