Dog Accompanies The Band When They Sing His Favorite Songs

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The Dog Accompanies Did Not Miss His Chance To Jump On The Stage And Show His Talent

Brennan and his Dog Accompanies Jack were true soulmates. Jack is a musician. He practices a lot at home, and performs on the stage with his band. Jack too, was a music lover. So he never missed his chance to accompany Brennan and bark or howl along the guitar. Brennan and Jack did have the best time whenever practicing. And whenever Brennan was performing, Jack was there, walking along the visitors and cheering them up.

But one day, Jack decided to do something different than usual. When the concert was almost over, and the band was singing their last song, Jack realized it was his favorite melody. So he jumped right on the stage and started to howl along the melody. Jack was so energetic and positive. He managed to cheer up all the people who stopped by.

The very second Jack started to sing along, everyone immediately took out their phones and started to take videos. They were in great amazement. Jack realized that all the applause was for him. He got so excited. He started to turn around and look at Brennan, as if trying to share his happiness with his best friend. Then, he turned to the public again, and continued to cheer them up. Brennan says that Jack definitely knows how to work with the pubic. He gets their attention and keeps them entertained so well. That is because he does not shy away, and he truly wants to share his excitement with them.

Sadly, Jack has passed away a couple of years ago. But he continue to live in the hearts of Brennan, the band, and all the people who ever saw him have fun on the stage. Brennan has Jack’s picture engraved on his guitar, and has some of his ashes inside it. So it is true, that every time Brennan performs, the dog is singing with him.

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