Diver meets the largest snake in the world underwater it is scary to imagine

Diver meets the largest snake in the world underwater Animal World

The diver after swimming with the largest snake in the world, assures they are not as scary

Bartolomeo Bove is a professional shark diver and an underwater videographer. His biggest dream has always been to be able to swim with the largest snake in the world. In order to do that, he travelled halfway around the world and arrived at Brazil. His plan was to dive into the crystal waters of Fermoso River.

Sure enough, Bove and his diving partner Juca Ygarape were lucky to get the chance of meeting one of these graceful creatures lurking in the water. That was a female anaconda, approximately 23 feet long and weighting about two hundred pounds.

The snake they came across appeared to be alternately playful.

For most of the time they spent in the water together he showed no interest in the men swimming nearby and approached them once out of curiosity with the intention of examining their cameras.

diver’s encounter with the anaconda shows a side of the snake that many do not believe they have. “The anaconda swam peacefully and calmly, paying no mind to our presence in the water.” Bove said. “He came close to us once and licked the lenses of my camera.” Bove also added that this experience of his debunks the myth of the anacondas being violent and aggressive creatures.

Bove got the whole process of meeting the snake on camera and he hopes that the video will help people see these creatures in a new, gentler light. Nevertheless, Bove had to be extremely careful, throughout the whole time being underwater. “It is without a doubt an extremely strong predator and the largest of all snakes that can react if threatened or molested. They are to be treated with a lot of respect.”

During an interview Bove described his experience as something unbelievable. The diver will never be able to forget the sensation he felt during it.

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