Coyote Steals Dog’s Toys

Coyote Steals Dog's Toys Animal World

Brain thought that it was probably a fox.Coyote Steals Dog

Sancho Panza, Brian’s dog, loves two thing – his toys, and snow. So whenever there is snow outside, he becomes the most cheerful dog ever. And to make his experience even more exciting, he likes to combine the two things he loves most of all. He likes to take his toys outside and play with them in the snow. Brian also likes to see his dog enjoying himself. However, Sancho only likes to take his toys outside, while bringing them back home is not something he is very excited about. As a result, a bunch of toys might remain in the snow for the night.Coyote Steals Dog

One morning, as Sancho went outside to play, he came right back home. He was obviously not happy about something. He seemed very disappointed and disturbed. As Briand tried to figure out what had happened, he realized that some of Sancho’s toys went missing. Since then, more and more toys went missing every night. Seemed like there was something mysterious going on, and Sancho was definitely not happy about that.

Brain thought that it was probably a fox. But after all these cases, he also was very interested in what was going on. He made his mind to put cameras in front of their house just to know who exactly it was. And to his surprise, there was a coyote visiting their yard each night, playing with the toys, and then taking some of them with him. But what was more interesting and funny was the coyote’s excitement when playing with the toys. Just like a little puppy seeing his favorite toys, or receiving a new toy as a gift, the coyote would start jumping and running around.

As much as Sancho loved his toys, living in the neighborhood full of other animals, he needed to learn to share.

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