Cow secretly sneaks into the house whenever he gets the chance

Sven the cow is a part of a big rescue family that includes six dogs and two cats. Nicole house Animal World

This cow sneaks into the house when no one is watching

Sven the cow is a part of a big rescue family that includes six dogs and two cats. Nicole Fredericks – Sven’s owner, assumes that the cow probably thinks of himself as one of the dogs. Which might be the reason behind him not understanding why Nicole sometimes treats him differently. There is a one rule in the family that applies only to Sven – not entering the house and he doesn’t think that is fair.

Nicole does not allow him to go inside, because he can easily slip on the floor and hurt himself. In order to keep him and the rest of his siblings safe, Sven stays outside. But whenever he gets the chance, he likes to test his luck. “Anytime the door stays open for more than a few minutes, he makes a break for it,” said Nicole.

When Sven was younger, he got really sick for a few days so he stayed in Nicole’s laundry room for a while. He enjoyed staying at the house. Ever since then, he occasionally tries to secretly sneak into the house, hoping no one would notice.

Luckily, Sven is a huge fan of treats and Nicole uses that to bribe him back outside. “It is usually quite easy to motivate a cow with some food. He normally walks right out for a cookie.”

Sven is perfectly aware of the fact that Nicole does not like the idea of him roaming through the house, but he does not seem to care. he will keep trying forever and Nicole will keep laughing and lurking him out with cookies and other sweets. She does not really mind repeating the process over and over since she just loves Sven very much. “Sven is very curious and determined. If he wants to do something he will most definitely do it, without minding the consequences.”

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