The Waterford Police visited Tillery at his home on ThursdayAnimal World
Smiling dog showed up at the police station as a “missing animal”
The smiling dog showed up at the police station to file a “missing animal” report on himself The expression “a dog is a man’
beagle_adopts_babyAnimal World
The Beagle mother “adopts” an opossum after losing her puppies
The Beagle started to take care of an opossum after losing her kids: now they are inseparable The instinct for protection that an animal has for its offspring
Mucho Macho Momma horse pagePositive
Momma horse sees her twin foals for the first time in two months
Momma horse used to live without her little foals, however, they met after a few weeks It’s a pretty rare occurrence for us humans to hear about
Doberman pinschers are consideredAnimal World
A Doberman sacrifices himself to help the girl from a poisonous snake
A Doberman demonstrated his family how protective and loyal is he Certain dog breeds have a stigma attached to them for various reasons.
The lady Your Adoption AppointmentPositive
The lady adopted her cat’s best friend from shelter for cats
The lady found out that her cat had a best friend at the shelter, so she decided to adopt him too You recognize two friends from afar, because staying
guide dog programAnimal World
Guide dog gets an honorary degree for accompanying his owner to class
Guide dog attended all the classes with his owner and obtained a masters degree Guide dogs have an important role in society. Most people might think of
Hiro and dogPositive
Hiro the dog rescues an injured parrot found in his yard
Hiro saved life of the parrot and then they became almost inseparable Dogs have always been animals with big hearts; not only are they among the most intelligent
Old man with a dog at the parkPositive
An old man is taking care of his old dog like his child
An old man takes his old dog to the vet carrying him in a stroller Over time we have learned that love exists in all forms. There are people who feel unconditional
Donkey giant enters Guinness World Records bookAnimal World
A giant donkey finds new best friend
A giant Poitou donkey left heartbroken by the loss of his best friend has found a new companion Topper the giant donkey, a fourteen-year-old Poitou, one
The Turkey GrillInteresting
The turkey is now in comfort thanks to compassionate people
 The turkey has been suffering from his wounds, however kind volunteers helped him After falling from a truck, Ivan the turkey waited, injured, by the
Max was presented with the PDSAPositive
Max the miracle dog has its statue in his hometown
Max the honored dog has its statue which became favorite place for locals The famous four-legged hero named Max has a bronze statue in his likeness, which
The family knew the Cat Who Was Going To Give BirthPositive
Family Finds A Cat Who Was Going To Give Birth In A Rain Gutter
After they got a little warm,Cat Who Was Going To Give Birth. During one rainy afternoon, the family heard some noises coming out of their bedroom window.
A Rescue Donkey LearnsPositive
A Rescue Donkey Learns To Run Again
Kicking and running around with the dogs.Learns To Run Again When Hamoriko first arrived at the Starting Over Sanctuary, he was so weak that he could not