Animal Charity of Rescue Puppies HugDog Breeds
Rescue Puppies Hug Each Other For Comfort
Animal Charity of Ohio recently received a call about a family of dogs that needed their help. Jane MacMurchy, the operations director, and her team arrived
Abandoned They are determined to find him a familyDog Breeds
A Dog Abandoned By His Owners Got Rescued
Anyone would be lucky to own a Dog Abandoned as sweet as Clarence. Clarence is a 4 years old golden retriever that has never felt the comfort of a home.
A Stray DogDog Breeds
A Stray Dog Refuses To Leave His Injured Friend’s side
Betty Walter got a call from her friend about a dog who had been hit by a car. Betty tried to help by instructing her friend on how to contact people that
Lisa tells that when they got the dogDog Breeds
Dog Likes To Climb Trees
Leah was driving along the road when she noticed a gigantic tree with a sign in front of it. The sight said “Our dogs climb trees, they are fine”
Dog WindowDog Breeds
This Dog’s Little Happiness Is His Fence Window
This is Harry, a dog that needs so little for happiness. He has recently discovered his new hobby – looking out of his custom-made window and watching
Logo MoonDog Breeds
Woman Captures Her Dog Discovering The Moon
This is Marquette A dog whose favorite thing to do is to play fetch. She always gets excited when she lays her eyes on a ball. But recently Marquette has
Olympic Gold MedalDog Breeds
A Dog That Received An Olympic Gold Medal
A Dog That Received An Olympic Gold Medal A four-time world champion Carina Edlinger is an Australian athlete who won two medals during the winter 2022
Finds Dog,Foster MomDog Breeds
Foster Mom Finds Out The Dog Was Deaf After Two Months
Foster Mom Someone kept the dog chained outside with hardly any supervision. Journey is a dog who did not have the best life until he was taken under foster care.
Plays BasketballDog Breeds
The Dog That Plays Basketball
Lilo Dog Plays Basketball Lilo, a 6-year-old Welsh Corgi from Huston, recently got very popular on the internet for her outstanding basketball skills.
obedient dogs in the worldDog Breeds
TOP 5 most obedient dogs in the world
A person, thinking about acquiring a puppy, rarely remembers responsibilities. The owner teaches the dog the rules of behavior, adequate reactions to different circumstances.
How to choose Dog puppyDog Breeds
How to choose a puppy
You probably once had a desire to buy a little puppy for your home. You could be touched by the sight of a baby sold in the animal market or just on the
schnauzer logoDog Breeds
Miniature Schnauzer
What does a Schnauzer look like Man is a friend to a dog – everyone around knows this. Do you agree? Now a person chooses a friend according to many
Bichon Frise PhotoDog Breeds
Bichon Frise
Bichon Frise History of the Bichon Frise breed. According to experts, the distant ancestors of the Bichon Frize were small white dogs, which in turn were