Lost dog reunitedAnimal World
Lost dog reunited with his family: a heart melting scene
Lost dog finally found his family and people were crying happy tears Last November, this sweet lost dog named Conway went missing from his home in Highlands
Lori reunitedAnimal World
Lori reunited with his sibiling after being separated
Lori finally was able to see his sibling thanks to the rescue centre’s posts In a long line of kennels at Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue (CMDR)
Jon the kind dogAnimal World
Jon the kind dog finds something new to bring mom in her office
Jon Snow makes everyone happy by the gifts that he bring to her mom at the office Jon Snow started going to work with his mom in February of 2021.
dog crates for 100 pound dogsAnimal World
100-pound dog injured on hiking trail: he is recovering now
100-pound dog is recovering now after his injuries during hiking trail Meet Duke — a four-year-old Golden Retriever who loves to spend time outdoors with his family.
Report your dog missing and contact local shelters.Animal World
Missing dog spent 2 months in cave: he is so happy to be at home
Missing Abby the dog feels so surprised that rescuers saved him The dog spent months alone at the bottom of a 12-foot pit. And, finally, a 13-year-old
The vet had successfully rehomed stray dogs in the past, and asked Kimberly if she wanted to help bring the dog homeAnimal World
Stray dog refuses to leave Airbnb until he’s adopted
A stray dog Dobby only agreed to leave Airbnb only after adoption Recently, Maddy Kimberley was staying at an Airbnb in Crete, Greece, when she noticed
Three teenage friends in Acadia ParishAnimal World
Three 13-year-old boys save a dog on the street, who was disabled
Three boys saved life of the injured dog that could no longer move When we come across an animal in distress, it is our duty to stop and bring help.
man who spent 20 years after on the streetsAnimal World
After 20 years of being homeless, this man has clear priorities
After living 20 years on street the man said:”I prefer to live on the street rather than abandon my dog” When we see a homeless person, we
Most Courageous for battle withAnimal World
A courageous courier threw himself into a frozen pond to save a dog
A courageous courier sacrificed himself in order to help the defenseless dog in difficulty Imagine you are on duty and crossing Montana with your delivery van.
French Bulldog Jumps For Joy After Meeting Police HorseDog Breeds
Bulldog meets his idol and gets his hug
Bulldog rushes to give his idol a hug Kirby is a bulldog pup who lives with Martha, a huge fan of the Georgia University football team. To Kirby’
Labrador typically live to around 12 year oldDog Breeds
The 12-year-old Labrador adopted an orphaned newborn kitten
This 12 year old Labrador adopted a newborn kitten: they are inseparable now That Labrador and cats never got along is a fairly common stereotype, which
Coby the cheetah companion dogDog Breeds
Cheetah-dog friendship is not as strange as it sounds
A dog and a cheetah who became friends for life Female cheetahs usually give birth to 3 to 5 kittens in one brood, but there can be up to nine babies.
This adorable animal friendshipAnimal World
Friendship between paralyzed cat and a dog like in fairy tales
Friendship between Idgie and Ruth as a shining example  of dedication and care Some friendships last forever. Like that of Idgie and Ruth, an unlikely
Family gives their terminally veterinarian. It's a good idea to take notes, or to take a friend or family member along who can helpAnimal World
Family gives their terminally ill dog the best weekend of his life
Family decided to make memories with their dog for the last time Deciding to adopt a dog is an important decision, which we cannot make on the basis of
The story of your dog in Kitchen & DiningAnimal World
The story of Monte, a stray dog that has become a star in the film
The story of a dog that despite the cruel past became the protagonist in the film “Lady and the Tramp” The movie called “