Punishment is the application of a stimulus that decreasesDog Breeds
A punishment is not that rude when your dog accompanies you
Punishment for the boy became far more easy thanks to his dog It is a fact that the animal that can feel the most empathy with humans is the dog.
matted fur Irie came into the shelter with severely.Dog Breeds
Matted dog revealed his amazing face after a makeover
 Matted hair of little Irie did not allowed him to show his pretty face Irie was a small bundle of matted fur when a local animal shelter took her in.
The neighbor's dog barks throughout the nightDog Breeds
The neighbor’s dog barks throughout the night; woman takes revenge
The neighbor’s dog got on the woman’s nerves so she started to play a song loudly Dogs (along with cats) are the most common pets people have
Top-25 Lost pup runs up to woman who knows nothingDog Breeds
Lost pup runs up to woman who knows nothing about dogs and asks for help
Lost pup became the friend of a woman who just went for a latte Kim Delledonne was walking home after grabbing coffee when she noticed a lost puppy wandering
Some dogs beg for treats. This clever pup pays for his.Dog Breeds
Clever dog uses leaves to buy some treats: the cutest scene
Clever dog always brings a leaf to ‘buy’ himself treats at the store Some dogs beg for treats. This clever pup pays for his.
fosterDog Breeds
Foster dog saves his mom’s life after 5 days of meeting her
Foster dog is a real guardian for his mom When a foster dog named Brownie spent two weeks in foster care with the Analore family, it was his first time
helpless puppyDog Breeds
Helpless puppy abandoned on country road waited days for family
Helpless puppy lost in Oklahoma was waiting for his family for days Lost in rural Oklahoma, Oakley dawdled around an intersection, perhaps hoping someone
Petey the rescue dogDog Breeds
Petey, the longest resident of shelter found a loving family
Petey the rescue dog smiled while he was sleeping in his new home Pet the rescue dog was a happy boy, despite the obstacles in his life.
Orphaned stray puppy becomesAnimal World
An orphaned stray puppy works as a postman for one day
Orphaned stray puppy becomes postal worker for a day An orphaned stray puppy named Priority was just 7 weeks old when a postal worker stumbled upon him.
WerewolfAnimal World
Werewolf dog has a smile that’s perfect for Halloween
Werewolf dog is already ready for Haloween thanks to his appearance If you don’t believe in ‘Werewolf’, you probably haven’t met Darla yet.
Teacher comforts randomAnimal World
Teacher comforts random puppy who entered during the class
The teacher took care of their little guest This is Karine Ribeiro. She is a teacher of English at a high school in Brazil. But earlier this week, her
people immediately started piling snow outside for us,” Canadianbuilt wrote in an update on his post.Dog Breeds
People rally to give dying dog one last snow day
People helped the familly of dying dog to find snow during summer For more than a decade, this sweet dog named Brooke got to bask in the love and affection
The Loyal dog ate the food and drank the water Flores had broughtDog Breeds
Loyal dog refused to leave the hole untill his friend is saved
A loyal dog howling next to the hole refuses to budge until someone looks inside Earlier this month, as Willians Mollo Flores stepped out to take his loyal
Nala the pregnant dog and Karen became practically inseparableDog Breeds
Nala the dog chooses to follow the woman home: it was the perfect time
Nala the pregnant dog and Karen became practically inseparable Walking down her neighborhood sidewalk, Karen couldn’t help but notice someone was following her.
Lost dog walks 45milesAnimal World
Lost dog walks 45miles across California to find a forever family
Lost dog did his best to find a loving family It’s not uncommon for lost dog to wander far away from their homes. In dog rescuer Suzette Hall’s experience