Kitten accidentallyCat Breeds
Kitten, named Snow decided to take some yoga classes
Kitten accidentally fell from the ceiling into the yoga studio When Paloma opened her yoga studio, she had no idea one of her students would be a kitten.
Rescue cat accompaniesCat Breeds
Rescue cat accompanies his owner to the school bus daily: an incredible story
Rescue Cat Walks His Little Girl To The School Bus Every Day When Jessica Leatherman’s 7-year-old daughter started first grade this year, she began taking
Cat surrenderedCat Breeds
Cat surrendered for being too cuddly finds true love in time for Christmas
The cat was abandoned because of being too loving The other day, Julia Wood was at an adoption event when she noticed a black and white cat in one of the
Florida Fish and Wildlife shows a panther kitten being reunitedCat Breeds
Kitten reunites with mama cat after scary 40 hours in drainpipe
Kitten finally is out of the drainpipe and met her mom When rescuers from Catsnip, Etc. in Elkhart, Indiana, got a call about a mother kitten who’d given
Robin named him Oliver.Cat Breeds
Robin knew what would be a perfect gift for her cat
Robin cheered up her cat with dozens of containers Robin already had four cats and a parrot in the house, but when she saw the tiny kitten all by himself
Grumpy looking cat is actuallyAnimal World
Grumpy looking cat is actually the sweetest kitten
Grumpy looking cat is affected by the disease, but not his sweet personality Grumpy looking cat -Toby’s unique look comes from a rare genetic condition
Camera set up by the couple foundAnimal World
Camera set up by the couple found out what is doing their cat at night: interesting discoveries
Camera catches cat doing everything to keep parrents from sleeping A month or so after Ash was adopted, her new family discovered one of her core personality
Cat is so loud the shelter had to put up a signCat Breeds
Cat is so loud the shelter had to put up a sign: an interesting story
The cat was totally healthy, but extremely vocal Anissa Beal was on one of her regular runs to an overcrowded shelter in South Texas when she heard one
Huge Pittie raised by catsCat Breeds
Huge Pittie raised by cats thinks she’s a cat, too
Huge Pittie just wants to be like her family member Willow loves her family — especially her sibling Percy. Willow wants to do everything Percy does.
This kitten HalloweenCat Breeds
This kitten fell in love with new Halloween decoration
This kitten is hanging out with his skeleton friend every day Roswell is very social, especially for a cat, and absolutely loves making new friends.
Gracie is our newest kittyCat Breeds
Gracie the cat drags mom out of bed for incredible surprise
Gracie the proud rescue cat had a sweet surprise for her mom Lately, whenever Gracie approaches her mom, Zoey Chelf, it’s for one very important reason.
A crate with cutestAnimal World
A crate with cutest little family inside was left in driveway
A crate was full of cute creatures: volunteers found it in the driveway It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the RSPCA’s Coventry Animal Centre.
This adorable animal friendshipAnimal World
Friendship between paralyzed cat and a dog like in fairy tales
Friendship between Idgie and Ruth as a shining example  of dedication and care Some friendships last forever. Like that of Idgie and Ruth, an unlikely
76-year-old woman with a fracturedAnimal World
A 76-year-old man feeds stray kittens in his neighborhood
A 76-year-old Willie earns extra money for stray kittens by selling scrap metal all day When we meet living creatures who are in difficulty and need help
A truck driverAnimal World
A truck driver allergic to cats rescues one from the road
A truck driver who was allergic to cats saved the life of the kitten and adopted it Can you become great friends with a cat while being allergic to these