Animal World
A furry intruder gained attention of the ower of the house
A furry intruder made noices in the attic and the woman found her When April Fiet heard a skittering in her attic, she assumed the noises were coming from
She sees a mouseAnimal World
She sees a mouse and organizes a little picnic: a very sweet gesture
She organizes an open air picnic for mouse in order to teach him not to get into the house Most people share a fear of mice; the up bringing we receive
This mysterious photoAnimal World
This mysterious photo of a deer looks too funny
A wildlife photographer accidentally took a photo that made everyone laugh,mysterious. There is a field near Nikoletta Mucsanyi’s home in Hungary
Teacher comforts random puppyAnimal World
‘Werewolf’ dog has a smile that’s perfect for Halloween
‘Werewolf’ dog is already ready for Haloween thanks to his appearance If you don’t believe in ‘Werewolf’, you probably haven’t met Darla yet.
Teacher comforts randomAnimal World
Teacher comforts random puppy who entered during the class
The teacher took care of their little guest This is Karine Ribeiro. She is a teacher of English at a high school in Brazil. But earlier this week, her
Survivor from whale attack tells about his experienceAnimal World
Survivor from whale attack tells about his experience
Survivor tells about how it feels to get out from whale’s mouth Most of us know the story of Pinocchio. The puppet child during his numerous adventures
Loyal dog refusedAnimal World
Loyal dog refused to leave the hole untill his friend is saved
Loyal dog howling next to hole refuses to budge until someone looks inside Earlier this month, as Willians Mollo Flores stepped out to take his loyal dog
Echo the rescue bunnyAnimal World
Echo the rescue bunny ‘adopts’ kitten and becomes her best friend
Echo and Ahsoka have a great bond between each other Echo and Ahsoka had a close bond from the start. The 5-year-old rescue bunny and his 12-week-old kitten
Lost dog walks 45milesAnimal World
Lost dog walks 45miles across California to find a forever family
Lost dog did his best to find a loving family It’s not uncommon for lost dog to wander far away from their homes. In dog rescuer Suzette Hall’s experience
Jean and Hough metAnimal World
Jean and Hough met a giant seabird: he seemed to be hungry
Jean captured a giant seabird and it seemed that it wants to eat him Jenny Hough and her friend Jean went on a day trip to Huntington Beach State Park
Professional good girlAnimal World
Professional good girl imroves her health after numerous surgeries
Professional good girl becomes home depot’s ‘Pawssociate Of The Month’ Meet Brynnie a 2-year-old mini goldendoodle mix.
Lost bunnyAnimal World
Lost bunny was looking for help in the woman’s backyard
Lost bunny gave the impression as if looking for his loved ones Morgan Atha installed a security camera to keep an eye on her property. She never dreamed
Woman spotsAnimal World
Woman spots 4 bears passing the street: she was amazed
Woman spots entire wild family casually strolling down her street In Kodiak, Alaska, locals know that there’s abundant wildlife thriving in the spectacular
Gracie the proud rescue catAnimal World
Gracie the cat drags mom out of bed for incredible surprise
Gracie the proud rescue cat had a sweet surprise for her mom Lately, whenever Gracie approaches her mom, Zoey Chelf, it’s for one very important reason.
A crate with cutest littleAnimal World
A crate with cutest little family inside was left in driveway
A crate was full of cute creatures: volunteers found it in the driveway It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the RSPCA’s Coventry Animal Centre.