Calf Saved His Own Life

we had rescued another orphaned calf named Animal World

Calf Ran Away From A Farm Where He Was About To Become Food

Julia is a teenage girl who takes every chance to catch the cow that lived in the wild. The cow was born in the neighbor farm. There he was going to become source for meat in several years, as he grew older. But the cows are in fact pretty intelligent animals, which some farmers do not realize. So the calf knew what he was going to face soon. He made his mind to ran from the farm.

Since then, the calf had been living in the wild. The locals would usually spot him staring at the people in the town from the woods. They gave him a name, Harold. At first, they tried to catch him. But soon they gave up. Harold did not have much trust in people. The minute he realized someone was coming after him, he would disappear in the woods.

Only Julie did not lose her hope in giving Harold another chance. She contacted several sanctuaries, to find a new home for him. And luckily, all of them told they would be happy to have Harold with them. The only problem was actually getting him there. Julia needed to do that on her own.

Whenever she spotted the calf, she tried to approach him. After some time, Harold was not as afraid as he used to be. Julia realized Harold could not resist treats, so she came with a bucket of his favorite food every time. This way, she soon gained Harold’s trust, and even came to pet him.

In two more weeks, Harold voluntarily came into Julia’s barn and met the horses. The next day Julia contacted one of the sanctuaries and asked them to come take him to his new home.

Both Julia and the volunteers who came to help transport the cow were so surprised at how calm he was. He voluntarily walked into the truck, and when they reached the sanctuary, he jumped right out to meet the other cows. They started to play and run together from the very first minute. Julia was glad to see that her efforts were not in vain. Now, she could gladly go home, and know that Harold is safe and happy.

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